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QOTD October 1

Postby DeniseM » Oct 1st, '14, 9:38 am

Yikes. How did that happen? :P Time is just rushing by I feel.

With all the planner talk it seems like a good question might be, do you make lists?

I am a list maker. I am not obsessive about it but I do make lists. It's almost like a pep talk for me. I make lists to check in about what is going on from day to day or week to week. I definitely make lists for grocery shopping, otherwise I will be one of those annoying people who are standing in line and say, "oops! I forgot something, can I just run and get it?" Yeah that's me. That's me, even with a list. ::)
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby LauraC » Oct 1st, '14, 9:48 am

Yes I'm a list maker from way back. Groceries. Things I want to accomplish at home. Purchases for the house - light bulbs, batteries for smoke detectors, etc. Projects for hubby (tee hee - gotta have a honey do list).
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby MandiePierce » Oct 1st, '14, 9:55 am

i'm totally a list maker too.... annnnnd i always forget them at home.
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby Sherry C » Oct 1st, '14, 10:02 am

Yes. I love making lists and checking items off my list! ;D
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Sherry C
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby Funky Fairy » Oct 1st, '14, 10:11 am

Denise I do that too.
Plus I go with a list and buy loads more.
I try to be green and take my pretty shopping bags and always end up needing the grocery plastic bags.

I've always worked from lists.
My head needs lists otherwise I have them floating around in my head.
This way I feel organised and on top of things.
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby deblew » Oct 1st, '14, 11:17 am

Yes, I am a list maker. I have lists here, there and everywhere. So I'm hoping that my new planner with pretty CD papers in it will help me keep all the lists in one place. ;) ;D
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby TerryB » Oct 1st, '14, 11:32 am

I'm like Sherry. I make lists cause I love to check things off! :)
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby okmama » Oct 1st, '14, 9:07 pm

I love making lists, but don't really follow them too strictly. Lists are a great way to get thoughts out of my head and help me see what's most important when life is pulling me in too many directions. I don't necessarily go back to cross things off. Grocery lists are on my phone now, because I'm the queen on leaving them at home. :D
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Re: QOTD October 1

Postby Nicole N » Oct 2nd, '14, 8:13 am

totally a list maker here too. only way I can get stuff done!
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Nicole N
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