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QOTD | June 27

Postby SuzMannecke » Jun 27th, '17, 8:28 am

Today is more or a PSA post than a question. Our beloved 12 year-old shepherd mix "Lily" ran off Sunday evening after our next door neighbor set off fireworks. We live just outside the city limits (and truly love this next door neighbor- BTW) so it is ok to shoot them off. Sadly more dogs are reported missing on/near the 4th of July than any other time of the year because of fireworks. Please consider the next time you set off fireworks of your own. Thank you.
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Re: QOTD | June 27

Postby Funky Fairy » Jun 28th, '17, 12:47 am

I really feel for you Suz.
I would be devastated too. I hope you find her.

Our dog is terrified of them too.
We have fireworks on the 5th November here and we hate it when people start messing about with them like 2 weeks earlier or 2 weeks later.
On the actual night you feel prepared but when it's just random people letting them off it's really frustrating.
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