QOTD 20 February

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QOTD 20 February

Postby Funky Fairy » Feb 20th, '17, 5:58 am

Odd one today....how do you buy/eat your bananas?

This one causes arguments in our house :D

I like to buy small ones that are still pretty green.
The kids just waste the huge bananas and the 3 of us like them when they are still very firm.
We don't like them when they go too yellow.
I only tend to buy 4-6 at a time as they just get wasted.

But Ade always buys a huge bunch of ginormous bananas and they just get wasted and then he moans as no ones eating them! :D
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Re: QOTD 20 February

Postby jbonomo » Feb 20th, '17, 2:08 pm

I like them when they turn from green to yellow and still firm (perfect for Thai curry halibut with bananas & peanuts). Since Tom doesn't eat them I buy 4-6 small ones at most.

When they turn, into the smoothie they go. If they turn black, they're perfect for banana bread.
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Re: QOTD 20 February

Postby deblew » Feb 20th, '17, 8:11 pm

I buy just-about-ripe bananas for everyone in the house except me. Can not stand the taste of them!

Although I do like a good banana muffin or banana bread. So if they don't finish the bananas, they become a sweet treat! lol
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Re: QOTD 20 February

Postby SuzMannecke » Feb 21st, '17, 11:00 am

I definitely don't like green bananas or overly ripe ones unless made into a protein shake or banana bread.
Evidently, for the greatest health benefits one should eat them when they just start to get brown spots.
We always have bananas in the house or freezer.
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