QOTD 22 December

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QOTD 22 December

Postby SuzannaL » Dec 22nd, '16, 1:15 pm

This is an ongoing debate that I've seen around FB lately; does Santa wrap presents or leave them as is?

Santa wraps presents in our house. Unless it is something big, like a bike.
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Re: QOTD 22 December

Postby kaffekananna » Dec 22nd, '16, 1:48 pm

The tradition here is wrapped gifts that is brought to you by santa (or jultomten as we call him). He has a big sack filled with all the gifts that he brings and then hands out.
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Re: QOTD 22 December

Postby buggin2stamp » Dec 22nd, '16, 1:51 pm

I had no idea that was a debate topic. I can't imagine getting unwrapped gifts from Santa. We always received them wrapped when "Santa visited". And still get them wrapped or in a gift bag. Unless it's a huge gift. Like my mom bought me a large set of card catalog drawers from an auction that will be part of my Christmas gift this year. They weigh a ton and a half. So it won't be wrapped nor delivered. I have to pick it up too. ;o)

So is it a new thing to not wrap presents? Or maybe a cultural thing?
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Re: QOTD 22 December

Postby Funky Fairy » Dec 22nd, '16, 2:06 pm

Sounds like a lazy Santa to me.
Definitely wrapped for us.
He works for the pies and Whisky that we leave for him :)
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Re: QOTD 22 December

Postby seemownay » Dec 23rd, '16, 9:05 pm

In Germany there are some who have Santa Claus bring the presents and some where the Christkind secretly places the gifts under the tree.
Gifts are all wrapped, however I tried not to buy paper but use paper bags from stores (turned inside out) or filler paper that was inside packages. Because I hate the waste.

Here is a link to the tradition: http://blogs.transparent.com/german/for ... hristkind/
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Re: QOTD 22 December

Postby DeniseM » Dec 24th, '16, 12:14 pm

so funny that this is a thing to debate. Every family does it different right?

In our house when the kids were little Santa brought one present for each kid. It was unwrapped.
The other presents were wrapped and from mom and dad. That is how my parents always did it. How to explain to children that Santa brings lots of presents to some kids but other children don't get more than one or two? "Santa brings one present to every child. Some parents wrap other presents and say they are from Santa to."

Let's hope every kid that wants a present gets one from Santa or whomever!!
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