QOTD 18 March

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QOTD 18 March

Postby Funky Fairy » Mar 18th, '16, 11:33 am

What are some of the little things lately that make your life happier?

I'm happy that Bear Grylls has a new survivor TV series.
I love his shows.

I'm also happy that The Walking Dead has been on, I will so miss that when this series ends. It's the high light of me week.

A friend tagged me in on fb recently to a Johnsons Baby bath post. Apparently this lady found that by have a hot shower before bed with the baby snuffles bath it's stopped her headaches.
I've been doing the same and now look so forward to my hot showers at bedtime. We've also been putting oils on a hankie on the bed at night.
No headaches this week :)

I've also had fresh flowers in the house for the past couple of weeks.
Ade bought me some daffs and then a friend sent me some this week. It's been so lovely.

These things have made me happy.
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby Shannon » Mar 18th, '16, 11:52 am

Lisa, thinking about this question spurred lots of little things that I like; I need to be mindful that I have these in my life nearly every day.
- early morning coffee sitting quietly in my house that I love
- walking around my yard and seeing spring about to burst out
- getting big hugs and snuggles from my grandson every morning
- hearing hubby make appreciative comments about my papercrafting
- getting little videos almost daily about silly things my grandchildren do

Overall, life is good!!!
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby SuzannaL » Mar 18th, '16, 12:48 pm

Life IS good Shannon, indeed! It's a treat to stop and remember the little things, thank you Lisa for the reminder.

Little things that make me happy recently;
- hearing the things my kids are thankful for at night during their evening prayers
- the security in a hand hold or hug from my husband
- hearing my daughter's swim practice from beginning to end in sordid detail
- the feel of fresh, green grass under my feet in the garden
- the red of my Peonies as they poke through the mulch and reach for the sky
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby kaffekananna » Mar 18th, '16, 3:03 pm

Looks like we're building quite a list here!

What makes me happy is my kids and all the funny things they say and do. Sometimes I find myself sitting on the floor sheepishly smiling at them. Something in child laughter just makes me giddy!

The SUN!! I thought it'd never return! And now we're bathing in it.

Losing my job and thereby getting a big kick in the but to persue another goal of mine. Bye bye closing of books and numbers and payments and helloooo kindergarten! Gonna study again and for the first time feel thrilled about a work path.

Making plans for the kitchen garden.
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby TerryB » Mar 18th, '16, 5:08 pm

A cheap bottle of wine! ;D
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby SuzMannecke » Mar 18th, '16, 5:14 pm

Love your lists of little happy things here everyone!

For me:
the sun and 80 degree weather this week
my sister Linda's remembrance tree in full bloom outside my scrap room and kitchen windows
walking the creek in our backyard
watching a You Tube video of a baboon watching a man do a magic trick- his expression? Priceless!
dinner with good friends
celebrating the retirement of a good friend
listening to my cat purr in my lap
the longer days of light (means summer is near!!)
playing tennis again and outdoors with no major allergy symptoms and no meds whatsoever! Hallelujah! (*super stoked about this if you couldn't tell!)
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby jessi lute » Mar 19th, '16, 7:18 am

oh i love this question and reading all the things that make you ladies happy!
little and simple things quite easily put a smile on my face and bring joy :)

waking up to sunshine
the smell of the ocean in the air on a foggy morning
that first sip of coffee
the town i am living in currently...no matter where i walk...it always makes me happy to see the views and historic buildings, with such brightly painted exteriors, it can't not make you smile!
knitting on rainy days
the beach
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jessi lute
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby doris sander » Mar 19th, '16, 10:06 am

lisa! so glad you've found some headache preventions!

this is such a sweet post.

i love spring! the birds chirping outside my window (and most likely in my chimney - eeps!) make me so happy! i think there might be cardinals nesting right outside my craftroom window. that would be exciting.

yesterday was my birthday. my son and i went to the japanese steakhouse for an early dinner. i'm was so excited when i remembered that i have those delicious leftovers for lunch. i was also so happy that we did dinner and backpacking shopping after school and still got home with plenty of daylight left. the sun makes me so happy.

i got my april planner bits in the mail thursday and looking at them on my desk makes me happy. this kit is the best yet and i know may is going to be even better. i'm so honored to be working for and with cocoa daisy. the product is beautiful, yes, but even more the women here have such integrity and kindness. and also i am going to order a new planner today, so that makes me happy, lol. :)

blog: dorissander.blogspot.com

doris sander
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby DeniseM » Mar 19th, '16, 4:16 pm

What a great thread this is!!

Longer days, more sun. My children are healthy and safe. I love and am loved by my husband. I have good friends. A job that provides for my family. Coffee.

and I must agree with Terry. I will add, a good, cheap bottle of wine! :)
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby Sharmaine » Mar 20th, '16, 1:02 am

this thread made me smile!!

Stopping for a moment.
Accidently sleep in this morning.
A little time to finish off a March kit page.
Time to prepare for a job interview.
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Re: QOTD 18 March

Postby seemownay » Mar 23rd, '16, 12:52 pm

I know I'm late again but this just wanted to be answered by me:

I love the intense smell of spring. I never experience the intensiveness of blooming as much as here. It is everywhere. And I love it.
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