QOTD December 9th

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QOTD December 9th

Postby DeniseM » Dec 9th, '15, 11:05 am

It's still dark!! yikes. I am looking forward to the 21st of December and the knowledge that each day after will get a little lighter. Do you celebrate the Solstice?

We always did when I was growing up. We would sometimes have a bonfire and skating party if the ice on the pond on our property was frozen. I love that my parents did that. It was always so fun.

We try to mark it with a bonfire and something good to eat and drink. :) Not as often now that the boys are older and not around as often.
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby jessi lute » Dec 9th, '15, 11:40 am

we did when i was younger....there was a community bonfire with activities and things going on...
loved it!
haven't much in the recent past...
but have been known to do a backyard fire with food and some drinks :)
it's a good way to celebrate, i think :)
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jessi lute
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby deblew » Dec 9th, '15, 11:49 am

I'm looking forward to that day too Denise! Celebrating it sounds fun, although we've never done it. Maybe I'll see if dh will drag out the fire pit. ;)
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby AnnaB » Dec 9th, '15, 1:59 pm

We don't celebrate and I haven't heard of celebrations like that before - but it seems very appropriate! I really don't like the darkness!
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby LauraC » Dec 9th, '15, 2:07 pm

We don't celebrate that either - I think maybe we should!!!!!
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby jbonomo » Dec 9th, '15, 2:54 pm

Never have but lighter and longer days is certainly something to celebrate!
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Re: QOTD December 9th

Postby Funky Fairy » Dec 9th, '15, 4:09 pm

I'd never heard of it before being here, but love the idea.
Can't wait for the lighter evenings.
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