QOTD August 13

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QOTD August 13

Postby SuzMannecke » Aug 13th, '14, 7:08 am

It's the first day of school here for my youngest. I always try to get a photo of my boys together or on the entryway steps before school. He usually requests/makes a big breakfast to start the day off right.

What first day of school traditions do you have? Or what favorite first day of school memories do you have from your own childhood?
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby Marti » Aug 13th, '14, 7:39 am

Hope he has a great first day, Suz!

The kids start on Tuesday. I always take pictures in the same place in our yard every year- it's fun to line them all up and compare them from year to year. I am sure that eggs and bacon will be requested for breakfast.
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby runzalot81 » Aug 13th, '14, 8:56 am

DS goes to school with me and I'm usually in a hurry to get to work on time :P For the first few days, we have to go earlier than usual to help all the kids find their classrooms. I'll snap one quick picture and then off we go.
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby jjflair » Aug 13th, '14, 10:21 am

Same, I take a quick picture of them in the front yard. They start tomorrow, a sophomore and a senior in high school.

I am honestly not sure where the time has gone. Getting a bit weepy now. Pass the kleenex! :'(
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby carolynhasacat » Aug 13th, '14, 11:22 am

I always take 3:

1. In front of the front door.
2. Walking to the bus stop from the back, captures the fresh new backpack and back of 1st day outfit.
3. Group of kids at the bus stop. It's fun to see how this group has grown and changed over the years.
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby Funky Fairy » Aug 13th, '14, 1:56 pm

We do the first day photos too.
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Re: QOTD August 13

Postby DeniseM » Aug 13th, '14, 2:58 pm

I used to do that but honestly haven't in years. It's sweet though.
Lisa F. I totally get it, the boys are junior/senior this year. :'(
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