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QOTD June 12

Postby DeniseM » Jun 12th, '14, 9:09 am

Last day of school here. I am happy for the boys. It doesn't change my life that much really but it will be more relaxed for them. Lots of parties for graduation last week. I am a bit surprised by how people go all out for graduation. Did you have a party when you graduated?

I did not. I didn't get presents or money either. There were some kids I knew that got cars but it wasn't as big a deal.
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Re: QOTD June 12

Postby LauraC » Jun 12th, '14, 9:24 am

The midwest is BIG on Open Houses. A big hurrah for high school graduation. Every year they seem to get bigger and spendier. I had an Open House when I graduated from high school. We had a pig roast and friends and family came from all over.

Now for my college graduation, it was a dinner out. Seems kind of odd to do so big for high school and not for college huh?
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Re: QOTD June 12

Postby jjflair » Jun 12th, '14, 10:14 am

I was just talking with Jillian about this as she is graduating next year, and we were invited to a couple of graduation parties these past couple weeks. When I graduated from high school and college, I was uncomfortable being the center of attention. But, I also felt like if everyone was having parties, who would be left to come to mine? With no extended family nearby it just seemed a weird thing for me personally.

After high school taking a senior trip was the thing to do. My 3 besties and I went to Grad Night at Disneyland, then to Mazatlan, Mexico for a week. Now that was an epically good time. :)
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Re: QOTD June 12

Postby Funky Fairy » Jun 12th, '14, 11:26 am

Sounds like lots of fun.
Denise, I hope you boys enjoy their summer.

I never actually finished school, so never got to do all that stuff.
Now that I have Hollie finishing school next year it's suddenly made me really sad on how much I missed out on and had taken away from me.

I left school during UK year 9 which I've just looked up and is Middle School Grade 8 I believe.
We moved to Germany when I was 13,almost 14, but as I didn't speak any German and got put in a German school they put me back to Grade 6. My parents split rather dramatically half way through my year 9 (US grade 8 ) I had just turned 16.
My Mum took my young siblings back to the UK and I was left behind. I didn't tell anyone and used to write myself letters to school excusing myself in my Mums handwriting.
I used to babysit alot for English families and one evening a Dad asked me if I wanted a job.
I never knew at the time that he was the Vice Consular at the British Consulate in Dusseldorf (like the embassy) So I started comuting into Dusseldorf each day and worked full time for a few months until we moved back to England.
I loved that job and earned really good money too.
So despite never actually doing the whole high school thing it actually worked out really well and I've had some really good jobs and have travelled and had wonderful experiences.

Funny how things work out.
I wouldn't change it, but I do wish I could have experienced the whole graduation thing.
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Re: QOTD June 12

Postby Nicole N » Jun 12th, '14, 11:54 am

I think up here everyone is a little different (at least in our city). We didn't have any parties or gifts. We had a dinner/dance and then a bush party/bonfire after out in the country all night.
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Re: QOTD June 12

Postby Margrethe » Jun 12th, '14, 12:25 pm

HS graduation is not a big deal in Norway, except for "russ".

I didn't have any parties thrown for me when I graduated with my master's a couple of year ago. Coming from a working class family, I'm the first to go to graduate school and my mom didn't know that it's customary to celebrate a master's degree. Now she feels really bad for not taking me out for dinner or anything, but I don't sweat it, really.
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