QOTD - 06 June

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QOTD - 06 June

Postby Funky Fairy » Jun 6th, '14, 5:43 am

Do you have any little cutesy words for things in your family?
Words that only you as a family would know?
Little abbreviations or completely different words?
Sometimes these stem from a child having mispronounced and they've stuck.
Please share

I don't think we have too many.
Jarmies for pjs.
Hollie once pronounced the word rebilious as 'reb-u-lous' and that's stuck.
She used to call her knickers 'nish nish' and we sometimes use that word.
Louis couldn't say his name when he was little. I used to call him Lou Lou as a baby and he just loved the teletubbies and I think he thought his name was 'noo noo' like the vacum cleaner on the show. So he used to refer to himself as 'noo noo'.
Sometimes I still call him 'Noo'. It suits him.

I remember my niece as a baby saying 'di-low' for fall over.
We never had any clue where that came from. I love that word.
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