Chatty Week 20th March...

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Chatty Week 20th March...

Postby Funky Fairy » Mar 20th, '17, 6:45 am

Hello Ladies!!

I apologise for not being around much last week.
Crazy busy week with work and our 10th anniversary happened and my birthday yesterday too.
It always all happens at once.

So, how are you?
I need to catch up on last weeks chat still.
Anyone up to anything fun this week?
Any creative plans?

I need to sort my studio out. Seriously, it's awful and really zaps my creative mood.
I dread coming in here when it's like this.
Anyone else find that?

My birthday was fun.
I was supposed to have all the family over and I wanted to treat everyone to a day out and also cook for everyone, but I'd worked 16-17hr days all week. I sat down Saturday afternoon after Louis' footy match and just felt exhausted and just couldn't face having everyone over. All the shopping for the cooking, the cooking and the cleaning. So we rearranged just a breakfast in between where we all live.
It worked well and whilst there we found out that we'd all wanted to see Beauty and the Beast and so we went :D
It's fun sometimes not planning and just doing.
So that's what we did.
We came home late afternoon and Ade cooked steaks.
It was a fun fun day!!

But now to sort this place out.
Wish me luck!!
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