Happy Valentines - Weekly Chat - 02/13 - 02/19

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Happy Valentines - Weekly Chat - 02/13 - 02/19

Postby Funky Fairy » Feb 13th, '17, 8:30 am


How's everyone?
Have you anything planned for Valentines the week?

No plans here, just a normal week :)

I never got around to making that cauliflower pizza base last week. I know a couple of you asked me about it. It was a night when Hollie was working and we have to eat around 4.30/4.45pm and I was working and it got to 4.15pm and I just ran out of time. I hate those early dinner nights.
today I have a chicken white wine casserole in the crock.

Denise, lovely to see you here at the weekend.
What's happening with you and the family?
Glad you are enjoying your class. I miss your work.

Not many plans here this week, just work.

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Re: Happy Valentines - Weekly Chat - 02/13 - 02/19

Postby DeniseM » Feb 16th, '17, 10:15 am

Hi Lisa!
Miss you and hope you are doing well. I think about you a lot because I know the place that you are at with the kids. You are much more stable than I am/was but it was a hard transition for me. I made it though!

Love those boys but also love not being so in control of their lives. They are learning to manage their own lives and be their own people. We are not as close anymore, meaning doing things together as a family as often but in some ways we are actually closer. They tell me more, and when we do spend time it's really nice. They want to be with us. Just not all the time! :)

It takes years I think for that transition to happen and sometimes it feels very strange.

Anyway I am thinking about you and bet you are counting down the days for your trip!
Have no idea what that is like, it sounds like there is so much to it, to the planning. I know you love that part though!!

How is work going? Are you doing much wedding stuff or is it more your lovely crating kit? I am so tempted each month when I see the photos Lisa but I am really trying to use up all the lovely things I have and college bills are curbing any extra spending for me!

The snow and ice is getting old here in Montana! I am ready for spring but it won't be until April for us. We have a long way to go!

I have not been hiking as much and it's taken a toll on my joints. Need to rearrange my schedule and make it a priority. It makes such a difference in my health. My pain threshold is pretty high but I can feel pretty miserable some days. I will not be discouraged though! Just going to get back to a routine and hope that helps!

Loving my class and just giving myself the time to do it. I am not creating as much as I like but watching the classes and opening my mind to possibilities is really amazing. Learning a lot about myself actually!

Well, have a good day!
Love to you all
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Re: Happy Valentines - Weekly Chat - 02/13 - 02/19

Postby lsasseville » Feb 16th, '17, 5:45 pm

I went out for Galentine's coffee with my bestie, since hubby was working. And then last night he and I had our dance lessons. We are taking Ballroom lessons, it was a gift last year from him for christmas, and then we have kept going because we are enjoying it and its kind of our date night away from everything.

This weekend is low key, maybe finish the book i am currently reading I am working on the Throne of Glass series, and work on the project i have for my next tutorial on my blog.
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Re: Happy Valentines - Weekly Chat - 02/13 - 02/19

Postby seemownay » Feb 17th, '17, 4:10 pm

Hello ladies,
I'm just here because it's raining and I have to run to the library and the store and don't want to leave the house.
So I thought, I would come here and read what you are all up to.
We are back to Baseball and the past two weeks have been so much better with the boys but very exhausting for me. Late nights, not much crafting ...
I'll have to do some catching up to understand what you are all talking about. Hope you are all doing well!
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