Weekend Chat 11/12th February

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Weekend Chat 11/12th February

Postby Funky Fairy » Feb 11th, '17, 7:38 am

It's a chilly one here today.
It's snowing!!

Ade's just cleaned the guinea pig out and left the doors open and the whole house feels so cold :(

What's happening with you this weekend?

We went out for dinner with friends last night.
I was good, but Ade's meal was wrong, so we kind of ate ours begrudgingly, but his then too so long to come out. Plus they bought the mains whilst we were still eating our starters.
I hate it when that happens!

A work weekend here.
We have started planning a new roadtrip for next year though so that's exciting!!

I'm making pizza for dinner tonight. I'm also going to give the cauliflower base a go and see what that's like.

I really want to make a Valentines mini book too.

So much fun stuff! :)

I hope you have fun things planned too.
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Re: Weekend Chat 11/12th February

Postby jbonomo » Feb 11th, '17, 1:04 pm

Sorry to hear about your dinner last night, Lisa. Yum with pizza and love cauliflower.....do tell what you are planning to do with it. Tonight I'm making orange sauce fish with red pepper, snap peas, red onion....quick and healthy.

Finally, sun here! It's been a dreary week with rain and wind.

Today is errand day again with Mom.....apparently she did not take care of things the lawyer wanted her to do in 2004. Sigh. Glad he gave her a talking-to yesterday in front of me. She did not want any help then but needs it now.

Tomorrow we ride and it will be glorious weather so that makes up for today. I think my kit will arrive today. Hope to get some time tonight to fondle it.
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Re: Weekend Chat 11/12th February

Postby DeniseM » Feb 11th, '17, 7:55 pm

Hi Lisa and Julie!
Sounds like you both have some fun things happening this weekend to make up for the disappointments.

Want to hear how the cauliflower crust came out Lisa. Have a good ride Julie!

I am resting a bit before I make dinner. So tired today!
I had a busy week and day today so it's nice to relax.
Hope to do some art tomorrow after a couple of hours of work. I have been really enjoying my wanderlust 2017.
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