Happy Weekend to you!!

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Happy Weekend to you!!

Postby Funky Fairy » Feb 5th, '17, 11:45 am

I hope you are having a happy weekend.
What's happening where you are?

We've had a pretty full weekend, but in a good way.
We had friends over for dinner on Friday.
It was fun, but late.
Ade and I cleared away after and then watched half an episode of Lost and it was after 2am.
We had to get up for footy the next morning and we over slept and it was away deep in the country and in the middle of nowhere.
Thankfully the game was running late and we weren't the last to arrive.
I managed to get some quality time with Louis after as Ade took Hollie driving so I watched the Chelsea footy game with Louis on TV.

Today we went out for brunch with Ade's cousin's cousin.
She lives local and Ade's grown up with her, but we've only ever seen her at family events which aren't very often. But we follow each other on IG and we have so much in common, so I arranged for us to get together.
It was so much fun and brunch lasted for 3 hours.
We are going to make it a regular thing.

I need to fix some dinner soon.
I hope you are having a fun weekend.
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