Chatty Group - 16th-22nd January

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Chatty Group - 16th-22nd January

Postby Funky Fairy » Jan 16th, '17, 4:04 pm


How are you all?
I'm about to shut my pc down for the night and realise that I haven't started the chat yet for the week.
It's been a full work day again, but a friend has started working a few hours for me today, so that's fun.

What's happening with you this week?
We have Louis' 15th birthday next week so I next to get some stuff.
I just don't know what to get him with it being so close to Christmas.

Apart from that it's a pretty quiet week here. Just work.

I hope you have something good planned.
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Re: Chatty Group - 16th-22nd January

Postby seemownay » Jan 17th, '17, 6:36 pm

I somehow fell of the chatty bandwagon.
I have been in a slump over Christmas break and now that the kids are back to school I am back to trying to find a routine with everyday life, volunteering at school and trying to fit in as much crafting as I can. So far it's going well!
Hope you all are doing well, have a great week everyone!
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Re: Chatty Group - 16th-22nd January

Postby DeniseM » Jan 21st, '17, 4:55 pm

its definitely quiet around her isn't it?

I had a good week. It's been so bitterly cold but it warmed up a little and I was able to do a long hike one day between jobs in the sunshine!! Heavenly.

I have joined Wanderlust 2017 and I hope to be able to follow along. I want to make time for myself to do this. We'll see.
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