Weekend chat thread 17-18 September

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Weekend chat thread 17-18 September

Postby kaffekananna » Sep 17th, '16, 6:36 am

Hi all!
Finally weekend again! Hope it's okay that I posted the weekend thread <3

What's everyone planning on doing this weekend? Any fun, scrappy or important plans going on?

We've had a really nice weekend so far! I always start my weekends on Fridays so yesterday I took the boys to one of our favorite playgrounds. Frank has been asking to go there all week and the weather was fantastic. Was so nice to have such a fine day after a really stressful workweek! Ended up being there for almost 4 hours before we had to go home for a late lunch. Picked up our friends daughter at kindergarten and went to pick up my Cocoa Daisy package (YT video coming *soon*) and was later joined by her mom and my parents for taco night! We've come up with a supertasty beanthingy that we've replaced all meat with. In Sweden we usually use minced meat and spices (the Swedish tacos are actually a chapter of its own...) but the entire family actually prefer our own version.

Today we've had a nice long breakfast. Our friends are over again and the kids are playing around. Linus is making panncakes and I've managed to film my unboxing. There's a bit of background noise but hey we're a living house with talking souls! Also photographed some of my LOs. The light is really nice today so thought I'd take the chance! Will work up a bit of courage to use them for my intended purpose.

The rest of the weekend is to be spent in pretty much the same spirit. Will try to get some house work done and scrap a bit. Also want to find a knitting project I've started, it's a cardigan for Linus and it looks the one The Dude in The Big Lebowski has. It's one of Linuses favorite movies so no pressure to get it right :P haha

Hope you're all doing well!
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