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Postby TerryB » Jun 17th, '16, 5:31 pm

What are you watching? I'm currently watching the first season of Friday Night Lights. I like it, but it's not love. A little too much football and country music for me! What about you? What are you watching?
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Re: Netflix...

Postby carolynhasacat » Jun 17th, '16, 7:33 pm

We watched Parks and Rec this winter, which we loved. But we need a new show, too, and are having a hard time.
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Re: Netflix...

Postby Funky Fairy » Jun 18th, '16, 5:17 am

We haven;t watched anything on Netflix for a while.
I've struggled with TV lately to follow anything.

We are currently watching Bates Motel, I think that's Fox.
I really do like that. It's been more dark this season though and I've struggled a little.
I find it slightly disturbing.

We are also watch The Tunnel.
It's season 2 and we really like it. It's a crime series and it's English/French.
Things happening just over the border and both the English and French police working together.
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Re: Netflix...

Postby kaffekananna » Jun 18th, '16, 2:29 pm

Im looking forward to come home to watch the latest season of orange is the new black. Other than that my tv/Netflix watching is as good as none.
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Re: Netflix...

Postby deblew » Jun 18th, '16, 6:29 pm

We just finished 30 Degrees in February. Its only a 2 season series, but was very interesting and intriguing stories surrounding the Swedish people and Thailand.

A few months ago we watched The Killing. A very dark police detective series.

We enjoyed both of these a lot.
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Re: Netflix...

Postby DeniseM » Jun 19th, '16, 10:42 am

I have not been watching anything from Netflix or tv lately.
Going to bed early so don't have tv time really.

I will start watching when Vikings is back. :D
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