Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve

Postby Funky Fairy » Dec 24th, '15, 4:48 am

What are your Christmas Eve plans?

I was up at 7.30am to prep the veg for tomorrow.
We are about to head to the mall as we have a surprise for the kids.

Coffee and cake followed by Starwars. They don't know.
Then dinner at a nice burger restaurant.
We are collecting my brother from the train station at 7pm and we've baked a ham and I've made Bombay Potatoes for supper tonight with salad etc... He's at work all day and won't have eaten.

That's our day :)

Have a fun one whatever you are doing.
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Re: Christmas Eve

Postby soapHOUSEmama » Dec 24th, '15, 8:49 am

what a fun surprise, Lisa! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Hubby has to work today :(
The kids and I are joining my parents for an afternoon church service and then we are going out to eat at a favorite italian restaurants. Then, i found a place locally that i heard about on the news that does a light show timed to music, so I am going to take the kids by that after dinner :)

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!
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Re: Christmas Eve

Postby DeniseM » Dec 24th, '15, 10:33 am

lovely plans it sounds like for both of you :)
We are doing some last minute wrapping and cleaning the house today.
Bill helped me last night and we got all the baking done and cleaned all the squid for tonight.

We will go to candle light mass tonight and then head back to the house for some fried calamari and shrimp with my SIL and BIL. Nice quiet evening.
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Re: Christmas Eve

Postby deblew » Dec 24th, '15, 12:07 pm

Sounds like some lovely evenings are planned! We're taking lunch over to my mom's today and surprising her with a keyboard for her gift. She always played the piano or organ when I was growing up, and hasn't had one for many years now. She mentions getting one every year or so, and 2 of my sisters and I decided it was time. I think she's going to love it! This evening we may go caroling with the family... they go every year, my youngest brother dresses as Santa, his little boys are elves, and they pass out candy as we ride in the back of my BIL's truck singing away. We haven't gone along in a few years so it should be fun. Just keeping our fingers crossed the rainy day ends by then so we can go!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas!! :-*
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Re: Christmas Eve

Postby jjflair » Dec 24th, '15, 12:38 pm

I am smiling reading of these lovely festivities planned!!

We are going to our friends' for Manicotti Madness after all! I misunderstood that their Festivus celebration was not a replacement event for our usual Christmas Eve get-together. Mike was in Taiwan when we had our Star Wars preview tickets, so he and Jillian are off at the theater this morning. I'm wrapping gifts while they are away, and we will just be hanging out till dinner time.

Oh, and I still need to hang the stockings!!

Merry Christmas to All!!
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Re: Christmas Eve

Postby Marti » Dec 24th, '15, 2:56 pm

Everyone's evenings sound so nice!

We are chilling out right now. I am watching You Tube scrappy videos and scrapping. Writing some thank you notes, too. We are going over to friends' later to eat Chinese take out and chill out there. :)

Merry Christmas!!
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