Hello Weekend

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Hello Weekend

Postby Funky Fairy » Apr 25th, '14, 8:08 am

Yay for Friday!!
Shame it's a rainy Friday mind.
What are your plans this weekend?

We have the usual.
Comedy Friday tonight with homemade fish and chips.
Tomorrow Louis has an away footy match.
I've decided to stay home and get some housework done and then continue with work.
Plus Hollie has 2 weeks of exams coming up so I want to make sure she can revise all day Saturday.
She has been so good these past few weeks with studying.
Saturday afternoon Louis is out so I plan to work the whole time.

Sunday Hollie is going with some girlfriends into Guildford for the afternoon. (a nearby town).
She has been so good and hardly socialised so I figured a break would be good.
With all these bf troubles too I'm really trying to encourage the girlfriends.
She has a nice little group and I want her to see more of them really.
I think gf's are so important.
So I'm dropping them off at the train station and then we plan to get Louis out on his bike in the afternoon.

Plus I need to scrap this weekend.
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Funky Fairy
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby Margrethe » Apr 25th, '14, 2:18 pm

Sounds like you have the weekend all planned out, Lisa! Best of luck to Hollie on her exams!

It's good it's the weekend! I was at work at 6:45am and then conducted 6 oral exams (social studies) all afternoon - done around 8pm. Finally home now, have vacuumed and thrown out 2 months of news papers (we get two delivered daily...).

Feeling a sore throat coming on and hoping it's just the very warm and uncomfortable room the exams were held in and that it'll be gone again tomorrow.

Have ordered a pizza and will go pick that up soon. Then it's time for The Big Bang Theory, i think, and then bed.
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby Sherry C » Apr 25th, '14, 4:50 pm

Busy weekend here... Tomorrow will be filled with a friend's Bat Mitzvah, we also have soccer games tomorrow and Sunday. Have a great weekend, ladies!
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Sherry C
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby iskawire » Apr 25th, '14, 6:43 pm

Hello everyone. I am so glad it is the weekend. Just sat down to dinner and a much needed beverage.

Lisa - hope all goes well and that you are feeling better

On sat we have a t-ball game for Wyatt and a birthday party for Elsie's friend at the local natural science museum. Then on sunday a play date for Wyatt - his friend is coming over and we are painting a huge box for a girl scout ceremony for Elsie's troop. Boys love to get messy I figured so they are tasked with painting.

Hoping to finish the last page or two with my April kit and some PL, but my hand is still tired from hand addressing nearly 500 invites to our building opening next month!
Iska Wire
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby TerryB » Apr 26th, '14, 10:54 am

All the boys were off in different directions last night, so I had dinner out with the hubs, and will be eating my leftovers for lunch! It's pouring rain here, so I think I might do some scrapping and work on the laundry. DH and I might go walk around Gander Mountain later and look at some spring jackets they showed in the add. Other than that, not much going on. I'm still hobbling around on a sore foot. It's been a week and I'm getting really impatient!
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby DeniseM » Apr 26th, '14, 11:45 am

sorry about your foot Terry!

I slept in today until 10am! wow. I definitely needed that. Having coffee and a little computer time and then I am scrapbooking. Jameson has a game in Idaho today but I need to be home to do chores and do my assignments so he is going with some other parents. I am going for a walk up the mountain again, I hope it stops raining.

Tomorrow we have a yard clean up fund raiser for lacrosse. It's all day. :( but it's such a good money maker for the team. You might want to try it you booster parents. Instead of selling candy, wrapping paper, etc. we offer a 1/2 hour yard clean up with a group of 6 teenage boys and 2 parents. We clean gutters, rack yards, trim bushes, anything you need for 100 dollars. We break into about 4 teams and tackle 3/4 houses each team We usually get about 30 homes and will make 3,000 dollars in a day. It's a good idea!
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Re: Hello Weekend

Postby AnnaB » Apr 26th, '14, 3:05 pm

A quick hello... J is away this weekend and I took the kids to a party this evening, with everyone involved in the play Alva was in earlier this spring. We had fun! But now we are tired and need to sleep... :) Tomorrow is tennis for both Alva and Linus and hopefully I'll get some scrapping in too!
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